McDuffie "played with great expressive freedom that came from a place of deep thinking. He alternately teased and tore through his lines. The grace and delicacy were there, but also real sensations of darker passions and fierceness." (Brahms Concerto at Carnegie Hall with Czech National Symphony Orchestra)

- New York Classical Review (February 2023)

"For [Miklos Rozsa's] Violin Concerto, Robert McDuffie is a sweet-toned soloist, lending Rozsa's arching, lyrical strains welcome luminosity. In the process, Mr. McDuffie all but erases memories of Heifetz's famous RCA recording, which is precise but cool by comparison."

–The New York Times

In some ways, the addition of McDuffie might have been the night's biggest delight because the extent of his playing was unexpected. The internationally renowned violinist – a Macon native who has performed with nearly every major orchestra in existence – almost caused the grown men in the crowd to weep with his visceral playing. Whether duetting with Leavell on the latter's "Southscape" or soloing with the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra, McDuffie mesmerized.

–Atlanta Journal Constitution (Celebrating Georgia with Chuck Leavell and Gregg Allman at Atlanta Symphony Hall

As for the solo performance by Robert McDuffie, it was beyond praise, as cool, poised and heroically strong as a piece of Greek statuary.

–London Telegraph (European Premiere of “The American Four Seasons,” London)

Collaborating with the Venice ensemble was a brilliant touch… The music's impulses, particularly in the solo line, were tightly connected to those of the Vivaldi. Other influences crept in too: a rich, double-stopped solo passage in the first movement hinted at Bruch, and other passages brought to mind the Barber concerto, one of Mr. McDuffie's specialties.

–New York Times (New York Premiere of “The American Four Seasons")

McDuffie is one of the finest violinists of our age. He played with great clarity and precision, but without sacrificing anything in expression or musicality.

–The Buffalo News

The brilliant violinist Robert McDuffie dug into the concerto's Bartokian lyricism and dashing bravura as if he were channeling the work's dedicatee, Jascha Heifetz…

–Chicago Tribune

The evening's hero was the remarkable American fiddler Robert McDuffie...[who] plays with magnetic energy and seeming effortlessness...

–Chicago Sun Times

He's a treasure. A musician of probing intelligence, a violinist of authority, and force of great vitality.

–San Francisco Chronicle

Emotional spontaneity, imperturbable virtuosity and an ever-sweet tone.

–Los Angeles Times

McDuffie has a brilliant technique as well as spontaneous and clearly delineated emotion.

–Die Welt

I am most grateful to Robert McDuffie for giving me the opportunity to compose my second violin concerto. He brings strength and integrity to the work which is admirable... and essential.

–Philip Glass

America is especially rich with great violin talents at the moment. Among the present generation of exceptionally gifted artists Bobby McDuffie stands out as a truly unique voice. His impeccable ear and his flawless technical mastery allow him to govern the entire solo and concerto literature with consummate ease. It is the great good fortune of American composers that Bobby has taken up our works with such missionary zeal. His performances of our works has set a standard of excellence, intuitive comprehension and enthusiastic partisanship that has helped to establish them as a living repertory. I am honored and delighted to count myself among his many collaborators. His performance of my Violin Concerto has been one of my best musical memories.

–John Adams

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